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Matrix RepatterningTM


Matrix RepatterningTM is a new approach to the assessment and treatment of structural dysfunction. It is based on a revolutionary model of the underlying structure of organic tissue, the Tensegrity Matrix, which explains the complex interrelationship of all the structural components of the body. The tensegrity model, which was first described by Buckminster Fuller as an architectural principle, has now been verified as the basis of all organic life by several studies. It explains how forces are transmitted throughout the body and how injuries and other influences are actually stored within the molecular structure. It extends our understanding of structural dysfunction beyond the level of joint, muscle and ligament, to include all of the tissues of the body, as potential sources of dysfunction.

Matrix RepatterningTM is a manual approach, which addresses primary sources of tension in the connective tissue-fascial system in an efficient and effective manner. Treatment is gentle and painless, and can often result in global reorganization and postural stabilization, encouraging the body towards normal, pain-free function.